Tarsus Distribution has agreed to support the Musana Ferry project

In July 2022, Tarsus Distribution from South Africa has agreed to support the Musana Ferry project by handling all the logistics to ship the technical equipment in a container from Norther Germany to Uganda. It will contain all the solar panels, batteries, battery management system, inverter, cables and system controls that are currently not available in Uganda in the needed quality and weight needed to run the solar ferry efficiently.


New cupboards for the arts classroom

Last year, the island school received hundreds of backpacks with school materials that were packed at an HPE Distribution Partner Conference. The teachers had decided that all arts supplies (water color set, brushes, crayons, marker) should be stored in the arts classroom to ensure long lasting availability for all students now and in the future. Therefore the association decided to fund the building of 3 cupboards that were locally produced based on a simple design. They now arrived on the island, to the joy of the students and teachers.