Hair cutter machine on its way

It is something small, but should help a lot of children. Currently, all students have to leave the island to get a haircut. That means finding and paying for a boat ride or paddeling endlessly in one of the few dug outs that can weigh up to 1000kg and travel at about 1km per hour.

Now we are sending a professional hair cutting machine, so the kids can cut their own hair.


Students research solar ferry options in Uganda

In February and March 2017, two students from the University of Emden/Germany visited Lake Bunyonyi/Uganda to kick off their research to design the future solar ferry. Henrik Richter-Alten and Christian Arriens - who also both work on the Solar Boat Race Team of their university - spent a total of three weeks in Uganda to investigate the local conditions and look for potential suppliers for the solar ferry. While not all questions have been answered yet, their main conclusion is that the solar ferry can be built locally and makes economic sense. Of course they also brought home a lot of impressions from the country and the community living around the school!