Renovation of schoolbuildings

With the donation of „The Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School Project from Belgium Antwerp“ and with the help from the association, the school was able to purchase necessary materials to renovate some schoolbuildings that are 80 years old and need repairs due to age, but also due to recent storms in early January 2019 that unroofed many buildings in the Lake Bunyonyi area.


Solar & Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco

The Hochschule Emden/Leer has once again proven ist qualities in solar energy and solar boats. Last weekend, the university's solar boat team took third place overall in the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge in Monaco. In addition, our project "Musana Ferry" was presented to a broad public and in the end was even awarded the special prize of the Yacht Club De Monaco. We are very happy and proud of this and will now continue our work with even more enthusiasm.





Roof of School Building – replacement needed

Recently, one of the school building was leaking from the roof. Further inspections revealed structural damages that meant the replacement of the roof vs. just repairing it. Otherwise the whole buildung would be collapsing soon. „The Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School Project from Belgium Antwerp“ funded the majority and we helped also with a donation of 2M UGX to help buy the necessary materials. As you can see from the picturess, some of the students first helped to get the old roof down, then they replaced the supporting structure and now the new roof is installed and school can continue!