Prototype of solar ferry delivered

Based on an older model, Henrik Richter-Alten - the student from the University of Emden in charge of the main design of the ferry - delivered a working prototype for the solar ferry. It currently runs on sunshine only and will mainly be used to promote the project at conferences, events, etc.


start of something new


As a institutionalized means to support the Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School in Uganda, current and former employees from Hewlett Packard (now Hewlett Packard Enterrpise and Hewlett Packard Inc.) held their first association meeting to found the Islandschool Uganda Association in Germany (there it is called “Inselschule Uganda e.V.”). With unanimous votes, the following positions where confirmed (details here):

  • President: Gerfried Kroeger
  • Vice President: Sabine Single
  • Treasurer: Volker Jaksch
  • Secretary: Cecile Giraud-Jacquet